Neha Dhupia On Pregnancy And Motherhood

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment for everybody and similarly, Neha Dhupia talks to us about her pregnancy journey and what her thoughts on being a mom is. Tune in and find out who Neha Dhupia thinks will be the good and the bad cop with their child and what she thinks about being a stay-at-home mom or working mothers. 

Every parent has a different experience through pregnancy and after giving birth to a child. Whilst it is a rollercoaster for some, the others feel it is a breeze through and can't wait for the baby to come out. With all the humour around life after birth, we often wonder if we can do it all. 

We asked the famous celebrity, Neha Dhupia her take on motherhood. Tune in and find out all her candid answers on her pregnancy and her revealing who would be the good and the bad cop. 

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