Storytelling | Three Little Pigs And The Dino For Toddlers

This is an alternative version of the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs with A Dino. Tune in to watch this interactive storytelling video to know how the three pigs escaped the Dino.

There are some classics that are always going to be everybody’s favourite! The story just never gets old. I love stories that have been passed down generations because I feel so connected to them! Yes, the stories are always about good vs. evil but the familiarity is all the excitement we need! 

Storytelling has always been very important to me and I want to introduce my children to all sorts of stories – be it Indian mythology, Indian or International authors. Recently, I have introduced them to podcasts and visual storytellers because it is just another way to reinforce stories into their lives. 

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Tune into this story where we have someone from Litlle Readers’ Nook re-enact 3 little pigs with a modern twist. Aren’t you excited to tune in? I know I was!

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