This Mom Busts The Common Backpacking Myths You Thought Were True!

This mom gives an insider’s view on what it means to go backpacking- especially with your kids abroad. She breaks the common myths associated with backpacking- shares her experience of how wonderful it is, especially for kids. and why you must be planning one soon, this winter holidays!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions backpacking? This mom who loves travelling has given us some serious #travelgoals earlier– helps break the myth on what backpacking actually means and how what you thought of it earlier isn’t quite right! 

Myth 1: Backpacking means travelling like a hippie with no money, dreadlocks and in the same pair of clothes for days!

Wait, what? Whoever gave you this impression has definitely not defined ‘backpacking’ in the correct sense of the term. Backpacking is much more than just taking off with a rucksack, a couple of clothes in a direction that’s left to destiny. Although it sounds fancy to live like an ‘aesthetic voyageur’ (courtesy the movie ‘Into the Wild’) and many people are ACTUALLY leaving behind all their possessions, going out into the wild with only mother nature for company and survival, backpacking extends much beyond that and is generally open to anyone who wishes to accept it as a form of travel.

Most of all, it definitely doesn’t mean you have to ‘give up’ all your material possessions and start living like a hippie.

Scroll down to read more such bizarre myths on backpacking and share this with a friend who loves to travel!

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