This Mom Shares A Poem She Wrote For Her Little One

The love a mom has for her baby cannot be compared to anything else. This mom shares that beautiful feeling in a short poem she wrote for her.

I was blessed with a little flower,

A flower with a fragrance so pure and so sweet that

Wherever she goes, her fragrance spreads indeed


What fragrance you may ask this might be?

'Tis something to experience, something to feel.

For my little flower spreads a fragrance of love.


And a love so sweet, it melts your heart and even makes you weep

What might I have done to deserve this special flower I wonder

It really must’ve been some great good deed.


For this little flower has bloomed my heart with a new kind of love

A new kind of start

Every day I wish to keep my little flower safe from the clutches of the dark


I want her to blossom without any fear,

But I also want to keep her near

Why isn’t it easy to set your loved free


To chase their dreams and fulfil their destiny

Perhaps there’s a lot I need to learn 

All whilst I still have my little flower I shall not yearn

Make the most of today, for tomorrow, is still to come.


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