Tips: 5 Time Saver Tips For Moms This Diwali

t is Diwali and with the ongoing parties and lack of sleep we just want a guide that helps us stay organized. Today on KSP TV, we share with you tips that are tried and tested by many mommies and they really work. From keeping the hair accessories organized to ensuring you look the best – we have covered it all. Tune in and let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

Diwali means a lot of good food with a lot of late nights. After having kids, it seems impossible to stay organized and on top of our game. But I love to bring in some tradition during the festival because it is a great way to bond with our family, especially in this fast-paced city. 

What I love about Diwali is:

  • The time spent with the family eating home-cooked Diwali meals. 
  • How enthusiastic we are about wearing festive clothes, even when we are home. 
  • It’s an opportunity to talk about culture and traditions with our kids. 
  • The experience of doing rangoli, painting your diyas and decorating the house.

And a lot more…

But all of this is only fun if we are able to stay organized and being a scatterbrain is just not an option. 

Tune in to this KSP TV and we show you 5-time saver hacks that will work in your benefits this Diwali! 

Write to us at [email protected] and share your hacks and tricks for a successful Diwali!


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