Tips To Keep Your Child’s Voice Healthy & Prevent Vocal Abuse

Do you know how easy it is for your child to damage their vocal cords? Our speech expert tells us how we can prevent this from happening.

Children love to talk and they want to be heard! They sing, talk loudly, yell and even whisper while playing. Little do they know that habitually using their voice in certain manners can cause ‘vocal abuse’ and injure the delicate parts of their throat. (Below are tips to prevent that!) With all their excitement to share, convey and express ideas, our children tend to overuse their voice box which can cause permanent damage.

What Is The Voice Box?

tips to prevent vocal abuse

Voice Box (medically called the Larynx) is inside the throat. It houses the vocal cords that are intricate muscles which vibrate to produce sound. The vocal cords (also vocal Folds) open and close when we talk and swallow.

What Is Vocal Abuse?

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