Tips To Work From Home Efficiently During The Social Distancing

Working from home, needn’t mean working less. Here’s what I tried.

Working from home is not alien to me and it's something I started doing post-delivery when my kids were super little and even now when they are grade-schoolers. But with the current scenario, most parents are forced to opt for work-from-home. While it may sound convenient to many, especially new parents, this would be a new experience to parents who are used to working in a quiet set up. Don't fret. 

Working from home, needn't mean working less. That's why these tested hacks that I recommend are what you need at the moment to get more done and still make time for the kids. 

  • Communicate with your kids: Explain to them that Mumma is at home, but she will need her space. That way- we teach them to respect others as well help them understand that mommy loves her work too! 
  • Create work blocks: I cannot emphasise how much this helps. Every 2 hours take a break, for taking stock of social media, chores and kids. Never let them feel that work takes Mumma away. Just like how kids play, adults work!  
  • Stick to your routine: Report at a demarcated work desk every morning at the same time and cut off from the doorbells to cooks asking you doubts about lunch and dinner or the dhobi visits and even kids n to kids asking you to see what they have made. No-distraction is the key. 
  • Choose an ergonomic work corner of the house. Crashing on the couch or the bed is fine for some time, but don't make it a habit.
  • As much as we love to juggle and multitask, carve out the hours specific for chores as well as work. Chasing deadlines and counting the pressure cooker whistles might not be the best combo! 
  • Share with kids their work plan: Kids need to know what they need to do. So I share their work plan like time for studies, LEGO time, play dough hour and games they should play with. Do it the night before so the next day when you are all charged you don't waste time in finding things. Makes them feel in-charge too!

Also, we at KSP are all currently working remotely so let me know if you want us to do a separate video on productivity and the building apps and how we are managing. I prefer to work in the early hours of the day when the kids are sleeping so I can get the maximum done. What's your secret to working efficiently as a work-from-home mom? If you have been doing it from even before the Corona era, do share your tips with fellow moms here- they will need it!


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Here's a video that explains everything you need to know during this quarantine time! (Yes, just like you all of us are losing our minds, but we need to find an effective way to make this work!)



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