A Roadmap To Boosting Your Child’s Immune System

Dr. Aditi Nahata talks to us about how to build a positive relationship with food and your children, food that would make their immune system stronger, how to eat healthy, especially during lockdown and more! Tune in to this podcast and get all your questions answered!

The lockdown has changed our lives and this new adapted lifestyle seems to be the new normal for a while now. Soon we are going to forget the old ways of life. Initially, there was panic The biggest shift that everyone is focusing on is eating habits and exercising, especially for children! We want to ensure our children are eating right, building a strong immune system and hitting each milestone, healthily!

We spoke Dr. Aditi Nahata and we got answers like which food is the best for your child's immune system, the must-have foods in their diet, which snacks are advised (since they are not burning their calories as easily), how sugar affects their attention and more! 

Tune in and get all your questions answered! 

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