Best Cook Books To Buy If Your Kids Love Cooking

The best names that inspire you and your li’l chefs to bond better in the kitchen! Grab these books today!

For me, cooking is a joy and not really a chore. On days when I am stressed or upset, I had to the kitchen. That’s where I vent it all into my food and relax. Whether I decide to make my favourite bowl of soup or baking a yummy cake for the family.

My kids love spending time in the kitchen too. Both the kids would find a spot in the kitchen and watch me, cook, giving me instructions, suggestions and compliments as well! That’s when I realized how cooking with the kids can be so much fun and a great bonding experience. 

There are many cookbooks in the market that simplify the recipes and procedures in a language that your kids will understand. You can either read them out to your kids or the older ones can read it themselves and you could bond so well with the kids.

Here, we have listed our favourite books that bring back the joy of cooking with your little ones! s for kids, that makes it simple, easy and has something special for all kids! Try out the recipes and let us know, which is your favourite!

1. Can’t Believe It’s Eggless

Kids love anything that remotely resembles cakes and pastries. But given our culture, it isn’t very often that we get to bake them their favourites with egg as a primary ingredient. Pooja Dhingra, knows this problem too well and addresses this with a book that handles over 100 recipes that don’t use eggs as well as are simple to try. 

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2. 50 Indian Meal Plans

With 50 meal plans, 50 kid-friendly recipes, 250 school snack ideas and 250 bus snack ideas, this book is definitely a must-have on your shelf. Every meal plan and recipe has been curated keeping in mind the tastes of an Indian family. Kids can learn a great deal about meal planning, a skill that will definitely help them later in their life. The recipes in the book are simple ones that kids can chip in and make with you. ADD IT TO YOUR CAR TODAY 

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3. Everyday Love

Over 170 recipes from Indian and International cuisines, this one by Sharmila Ribeiro, who also writes for Kidsstoppress, is a must-have for kids. With easy to try recipes, delightful pictures and handy tips, spending time with the kids in the kitchen will now be something you look forward to! 

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4. Jolly Good Food

Now this one is a clear winner among little Bookworms. Faraway Tree and Famous Five Fans- unite! Feasts from Enid Blyton’s books with detailed recipes, so you can relive your favourite character!

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5. Bookworms & Jellybellies

This book offers the young readers and their parents a delightful experience of cooking their favourite recipes as well as revisiting their favourite cartoon characters! The book is becoming a hot favourite among mom& child chef combos Read more on our review here 

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6.The Magic Spicebox

Indian cuisine is synonymous with spices and masala. This book tells in a wonderful story format, everything your kids will have to know about 9 spices we use frequently in our cooking, the story behind them and lot of interesting facts that will make your kitchen their favourite hangout! 

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7.Complete Children’s Cookbook


A step-by-step recipe book for little chefs that features over 150 recipes of their favourites from morning to night. With simple instructions and a focus on safety, this makes it an ideal choice for a book that helps you whip up a recipe for every occasion that the kids will love. 

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8. Kids Cook!

From lasagna to burgers to smoothies, if you have a budding chef in the house, you know you will want a copy of this book by Good Housekeeping in your shelf. WIth delightful recipes and stunning photographs, this one is a child’s favourite.

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9. Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook By Angela Wilkes

Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook has 60 mouthwatering recipes presented in full-colour, step-by-step photographs and instructions. From classic omelettes, chicken chow mein to hot chocolate soufflés, it includes dishes the whole family will want to eat. 

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10. My First Recipe Book: Have Fun in the Kitchen! By Arthy Muthanna Singh

This recipe book is a great way to get children interested in cooking. A free chef`s hat cut-out inside the book!

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11. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook By Dinah Bucholz

Conjure up feasts that rival the Great Hall’s, sweets fit for the Minister of Magic, snacks you’d find on the Hogwarts Express, and more! This bestselling unofficial Harry Potter cookbook is perfect for chefs of all ages, from new readers to longtime fans—no wands required!

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12. Young Chefs By Vikas Khanna

The book is a priceless treasure trove for young, enthusiastic budding cooks who wish to master cooking skills. It has tips on baking as well as kitchen safety, kitchen hygiene, different ways of cooking, the utensils and cutlery and cooking tools required. The recipes chosen are fantastic, keeping in mind their popularity as well as the ease in preparation. In India, this is by far the best cookbook for kids.

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13. The Everything Kids’ Cookbook By Sandra K Nissenberg

The Everything KIDS’ Cookbook, 2nd Edition has everything you need to get started in the kitchen. Each recipe tells you how hard it is and lets you know exactly what ingredients and equipment you need so that you can plan ahead. You’ll find something you like no matter what you want to cook! There are more than 90 recipes for every meal and occasion.

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