Getting Back To A 9-5 Job After Motherhood: Myth Or Reality?

To work or not to work- that’s the question! But the answer lies with the mom-Don’t let society or naysayers decide your career!
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Yes, a woman’s career does pause when mommyhood happens and the best part it- most of us in the fraternity embrace it, totally aware of the uncertainties it poses, but we accept the challenge and ride the wave. But the question in the back of our minds- is a full-time job after motherhood possible?

If you are thinking aloud and asking this question, the answer is definitely a YES, moms. Look around you. Look at achievers- both big and small, who have gone ahead and given it their all. Inspiration is everywhere, around us.

Like we always say in Kidsstoppress- the decision to be a working mom, or a SAHM mom, or a WFH mom- all these should always be yours to make. Don’t let society or naysayers get to you with their preachy advice and cruel judgments.

I used to feel that working after motherhood wouldn’t be feasible. That handling my kids’ meal time and supervising them while working 8 hours is just not possible. Then… I did it.

As moms, we constantly underestimate ourselves. You may not realize it but you can do everything you thought was unachievable. How can you find out if you don’t even try?

As a working mom, who was carrying on with my 9-5 job even after my daughter was born and then shifted paths to become an entrepreneur to launch Kidsstoppress, I can vouch for this- Anything Is Possible With Motherhood!

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KSP Mom Boss

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