Have You Been Overly Critical Of Your Child?

Have you recently been overly critical of your kids? Are you having this huge amount of expectations from them unknowingly? You need to read this.
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Yes, competition is at its all-time high. Yes, you want your child to succeed. And yes, you want your child to be at the forefront and not left behind. Yes, the world has changed drastically and so have the skills to survive in this era. Yes, you know your child is capable of doing wonders. You know they’ll stand up to your expectations. All they need sometimes is that push in the right direction. And yes, you do that out of love and concern… right? Or are you being overly critical about some things?

Have You Been Overly Critical Of Your Child Unknowingly?

As parents, we always wonder if our children are on the right track. But if we keep comparing them with our impossible expectations, then it inevitably leads to disappointment. I guess we sometimes forget that we are the adults and they are just kids…

We’ve already been that age and experienced it, but they haven’t. We just unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) dump our expectations on them without even considering their perspective or their thoughts. So Instead, let’s manage our expectations a little rather than being upset and encourage them whenever we can. God knows we too needed this as children and maybe didn’t receive it… let’s not repeat that.

I spoke about this recently in our #TuesdayTalkWithKSP, I think you should definitely check it out and give a thought about it.

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