HowSheDoesIt | Women Entrepreneurs | Preeta Sukhtankar

Mom and an extremely successful entrepreneur – How does Preeta Sukhtankar manage it all?

Women are constantly doing the balancing act of being a good mom, wife, entrepreneur, daughter in law – the list is endless. How does one manage to go to work, come home and spend time with the family and follow your passion? I never seem to have the time to do it all. The 24 hours of the day just seem too short. But there are these amazing women who do all this and more.

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Kidsstoppress’ new series #HowSheDoesIt features women — who seem like they have it all. We ask them for their secrets, their tips, their place of zen, and ultimately, what keeps them motivated to keep going – in the hope that we can use them along the way in our parenting journey.

Today we introduce you to Preeta Sukhtankar, the founder of The Label Life. Mansi Zaveri caught up with her at X BKC by Radius Developers. We asked her how she manages it all – travelling the world, keeping The Label Life on top of its game and being a mother to a beautiful little girl. Watch the video to know more about Preeta Sukhtankar and her key to success.

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