6 Ways To Get Your Children To Take Their Medicines (Without A Fuss)

Medicine is never a very “kid-friendly” topic. But medicines are important anyhow. So, how do we give kids medicines without any fussy business? Read This!
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Negotiations, threats, pleading- all of these techniques might work with a picky eater, or fussy reader, or a kid who just doesn’t want to sleep. But heads up- they DO NOT work when a child is unwell and you need to give them their medicines.

There are a few kids who don’t pose a problem- if you are one among those parents, good for you! But for a majority of us, medicine time is met with cries and wrestling and an instant dash to the farthest part of the house!

These small humans have a big sweet tooth, anything that is not sweet will not be allowed to enter their system. Also, expecting them to listen to your commands is a long-time-coming fantasy. One such situation is when we have to feed them medicines. Medicines are something kids hate and will never have without a fussy war.

But forcing them to have medicines or using scare techniques will not always work.

“Then what should we do?” is probably what you are wondering… Medicines have to be given on time, but while they make a fuss to have them, the timing shifts, and that is not good. However, there are some simple techniques through which this won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Here Are 6 Ways To Give Children Medicines

Mix It In The Food:

If they are tablets, turn them into powder and mix them with the food. In this way, the medicine taste will get covered up by the food flavours. Also, another tip! Don’t mix the medicine with all the food as we know sometimes kids don’t finish it. If so, even the medicine will be wasted. Instead, mix the medicine with only one portion of the food and feed that first.

Injections Without Needles:

Another way is to mix the medicine powder in water or sugar water, put it in the injection and feed it to them. It’s quick and non-messy. Just put it in their mouth and inject the medicine. This even works when medicines are in the form of syrups.

Mix It With Liquids Or Sweet Syrups:

This works both with powder medicines and syrups. Mix the medicine with chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, etc. Anything that has a strong sweet taste. Also, you can mix it with liquids like milk or tang. Preferably, mix it when it is cold.

Give Them A Reward:

Now reward doesn’t mean some material gift. Reward as in verbal rewards, telling them they did well or that they are good and responsible kids. You could even give them stickers every time they take their medicines. This makes them feel good and medicine time becomes fun.

Tell Them Why:

Kids are more understanding than you think. If we give them something without telling them “why” rejection is only natural. Kids should know what is going on inside their bodies. We don’t need to explain them in detail, but at least a small gist of why they should take the medicines. This will make them feel responsible for their own health too.

Turn It Into A Game:

Turn it into a game. Tell them you are the doctor and they are the patient who has to take the medicine to be alright. Or, make something called “medicine time”, where they know they have to take their meds now. If they are a little big, make it their responsibility to take it on time. Or make a chart and tell them to cut the date as soon as they have their meds. There is so much you can do. You could ask them to create their own game.

Now, you must be wondering, “is it ok to mix medicines with other things?” most medicines for children can be mixed with other edibles. there’s no worry. But if it is any specific medications, then you can ask your paediatrician or the doctor about it.

So you see, there are so many ways you can make “medicine time” fun and not a burden for you and your child. Also, another tip- You can tell someone other than you and your spouse to give them medicines, as kids sometimes accept them when it comes from someone else.

Hope these tips will come in use and medicines will be one less thing for you to worry about. Share this with other parents and help them too!

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