Why Do Indians Gift Silver To Newborns?

Silver has been around for centuries and in the olden days’ everyone ate in them – there was a reason for that. Let’s find out why you should make the switch too.

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The baby’s first solid meal ceremony is a big one for Indians and using a silver bowl, silver spoon or a silver glass is tradition. Since it is the first time that a child consumes food in solid form it is celebrated with a lot of joy by the whole family, relatives and friends.

When my daughter was born everyone who came to see her got her either a silver bowl, plate, glass or spoon. At that time I thought it was only something that is done because our ancestors and Indians, in general, feel that it’s a good traditional gift.

It is only a few months later when I was thinking about weaning my little one onto solids did I start researching the best options for plates, spoons and glasses and what cookware we should be using.

So why did they use silver so much in the olden days? This is because of the age-old belief that silver actually has antibacterial properties. That is why the baby’s first meal/annaprashan is done using a silver bowl and spoon. 

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