2024 Popular Baby Girl Names Indian Parents Are Searching For

This list of traditional Indian names and modern unique baby girl names 2024, is all you need when selecting one for your little princess. Read now!

From Raha to Vamika to Jeh, celebrity baby names have done the rounds and Indian parents are looking out for more names, that are ancient, have a traditional twist to it and yet are unique. Our annual baby names list is a superhit with parents and we are out with 2024’s list for girls and boys. Go ahead and share this with a new parent!

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Finding a name for your lil’ one is one of the many daunting responsibilities that come with parenthood. A name is way more important than what we usually think it is. Imagine, this word that you give your child is going to stick with her, her whole life! What makes traditional names attractive is the meaning behind the word.

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Abhinya: Charming

Advika: Unique, one of a kind.

Aeny: gift

Urvika- Pioneering spirit

Aadhyavi- Warrior Princess

Aayra- Respectful

Adhisha: Beginning

Anahita- Goddess of waters

Anika – Graceful, sweet-faced

Anika: Grace, brilliance.

Bianca: White 

Cetana: Awakening

Daivi: Pious soul 

Devisha: Peace

Hanvika- Creative, name of Goddess Saraswati

Ishani: Goddess Durga, consort of Lord Shiva.

Ishika – Sacred paintbrush, uniqueness

Janya: Born, created.

Kimaya- Divine, Miracle

Kyra – Sun, throne

Lavanya: Grace, beauty.

Malvika: One who lived in malva

Manasvi- Wise and sensible

Nilormy: An eternal beauty

Nitara- Standing firm

Niverta: Bliss

Nyla – Champion, successful

Oviya: Artist, beautiful drawing.

Prisha- God’s gift

Rabhya: Worshipped 

Tanashvi: a blessing for richness

Tishya: Auspicious 

Twisha- Light, Brilliance

Uschi: Young bear 

Zoya- Rejoicing, Life

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