Raising a Reader: 5 Tips That Have Been Tried and Tested by Moms

Here are some helpful tips to help you raise readers and also a quick check if you are making these common mistakes parents make when getting their kid to read.

Getting kids to hold something other then gadgets needs a lot more effort! And books are the last on that list. Yet reading is an important skill and very necessary in the 21st century. But how do you get your kids to read? We can’t force them right? Should we? What sort of books are meant for them? They can read the books we read right? To clear all these queries and give you the secret sauce- here are 5 mom-tested tips to raise readers!

Are You Making These Mistakes When Getting Your Kids To Read?

Sometimes we unknowingly are doing the things that might be taking them away from reading. Are you making these mistakes? Find out now!

5 Tips To Raise Readers:

Apply The Broccoli vs Ice Cream Method:

Kids love ice cream but broccoli… ummm we know the answer to that. So, project reading as ice cream. If you tell them, “read this and we’ll go to the park” or “read for an hour and i’ll give you a sweet”, it becomes like broccoli, they’ll do it just for the sake of it. Rather put it out positively. Tell them how they’ll enjoy the book, how the characters are so interesting.

Reading Aloud Always Works:

How are you, as a parent, helping your child pick up the habit of reading? Kids learn through actions more then words. And this is very known that they do what their parents do… if they don’t see you reading, then to them reading will hold no true value either… Reading aloud is a great way to get them interested too!

Check Your Child’s Reading Level:

This is very important. You need to know the reading level of your child to ensure you’re not getting them books that are below or above that level. This could be a point that will make your kids bored of reading too.

Reading A Book Again & Again Is Okay:

Reading a book many times is fine. There’s no such rule that they should read new books every time. On the contrary, this is a chance for you to learn what kind of books intrigue them, so that you could keep getting them books in that line.

Explore All Senses:

Are you getting them books that are meant for their age? Or are you giving them books meant for adults? This is a very important point to note. Books that are of their age satisfy all their sense as they can imagines those things. Picture books are a must too!

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