Teaching Your Kids The Value Of Money

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Hey Mommy & Daddy. This Bundle is our absolute favourite so let me start by congratulating on a good choice. 

Why is it important to teach about money? Money is a transit factor in people’s lives and it is so important to teach children where it comes from, what is it important for and just what it can buy. Money has changed many forms in the 21st century and it is important to address the questions of the curious mind. Sign up now

This Bundle contains:

  1. Warren Buffet’s special access series on Money for Children
  2. Understanding the Evolution of Money 
  3. Simple Ways to explain 10 everyday Money questions 
  4. What are ATMs and Digital Wallets?
  5. Handpicked books by our editors on Money Matters
  6. Book Recommendations for kids by Safal Niveshak – Vishal Khandelwal
  7. Conversation Starters for kids
  8. Imagination Bank

Teach you, child, the value of money with an investment of just Rs 299.

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