Do Your Kids Get Annoyed When You Do This?

Yet another question and yet another creative and simple solution. Read this to know how to correct your kids in public the right way.

Remember as kids when we made mistakes or didn’t behave in a specific, well-mannered way… One look from our parents and we knew what awaited us at home. But that was a different time. Today when our kids behave ill-mannered or do something they aren’t supposed to, as parents, it is our natural instinct to correct them then and there. Honestly, which is understandable and required. However, there’s one thing you could change in this scenario.

Should I Not Correct Them In Public?

Although it isn’t fun, it is definitely necessary to talk to them then and there, because we are being consistent and diligent in the rules we follow at home even when we’re out and people are watching. But doing it in front of spectators isn’t necessary. This is the main reason why your kids may get cheesed off when corrected outside. So, how do you correct them then?

Secret codes are my go-to especially because my kids feel like I’m on their team if I call them to the side and let them know, instead of correcting them in front of others. This makes them implement the correction too, instead of just brushing it off.

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