Mommy, Are You Looking For Answers To These Questions?

With kids being picky eaters and parents preparing for battle at every meal, we felt this is a topic that should be addressed by experts. Join the webinar to get all your answers from a trusted source.

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We scroll through hours of social media – all in the hope of getting answers to all these questions. The end result for most is that we end up being more confused than ever. What should you do?

Get all your answers in one place. The KSP webinar is for parents who are having a tough time with their babies and food. Send us your questions and we will ask them during the LIVE TODAY. Better still, if you want to be part of the LIVE and listen to what our panellists will be discussing.

Our speakers include

  • Dr Manjari Rao – Gut expert & Homoeopath
  • Chinu Vaze – Chef
  • Thara Shenoy – Food Therapist 
  • Mansi Zaveri – Founder, Kidsstoppress 

They shall be talking about

  • Can the gut be a reason for picky eating?
  • How do I get my child to try new food?
  • Should I sneak veggies into their food?
  • Is it ok to use food as a reward?

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