My 7-Month Pregnant Girlfriend Cheated On Me

Viraaz Raynee a single father, and his journey in a nutshell.

In a world where life’s challenges can often appear insurmountable, the narrative of one man’s unwavering determination and love shines as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Meet Viraaz Raynee, his journey embodies the power of love, compassion, and unyielding resolve.

We confirmed through multiple (pregnancy kit) devices at home, we straight away went to consult a doctor, there we found out she is four months pregnant. Then she decided to keep the baby & I respected her decision. Stood right by her side.

He wanted to have the baby with her parents blessings but she denied by saying that her father had medical condition so she will tell them when it’s the right time. He even asked her to marry him but she said she should focus on the baby now and later they could think of it.

When we decided to keep the baby, a few days later she started getting calls from different guys there I found out about her multiple relationships, no I didn’t break up with her because of my baby. The baby was born on 21.03.2020, we both were happy to discover parenthood, and wenamed our child Elv.

His journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion, empathy, and understanding in the face of adversity.

We moved to Bhubaneswar after a few months of her delivery. She used to visit her parent’s place every month. I used to babysit in her absence as her parents knew that their daughter is working in Hyderabad. She was even turning down marriage proposals from her family, After more than one and a half years when she went to visit her parents, she called me to meet her outside. There she introduced me to a new guy and they both offered me money & told me to leave them alone. Or else they would take the baby from me and put her in an orphanage. She told me she is the mother of the child and she has every right to take the baby from me. I got upset and angry about that abominable offer and left that place. I came back home picked up my baby and straight away went to meet her parents, to tell the truth.

Viraaz couldn’t believe what she had done to him, the scars that she had given him were unbearable but he refused to give up on his baby.

When I went to her house, I met her father and I told him everything that I had been carrying on my back all these years and I also told him about the current incident where I was given an abominable offer. As soon as he heard me he went into shock for a while and then he started telling me repulsive things like, ‘If you had left my daughter when she was pregnant, things would have been different now, cause this child isn’t acceptable as you guys aren’t married. You should have left the child in an orphanage she has no right to live in this society. In his own words, Viraaz reflects, “That moment was inconsequential for me. I don’t know if he realized or not what he was saying because I was not ready to believe that a 65-year-old man is behaving so insensitively like an immature.”

Later on, her parents had multiple meetings with Viraaz’s parents regarding their marriage, then by the pretext of getting them married they took his baby (Elv) with them to take care of her. Right after that day, they started portraying that their daughter is having mental problems, and even started threatening to poison my baby, throw her in a dump yard & kill her in multiple ways.

“And few days later they stopped me to make any contact with my ex and daughter. While they kept on threatening me about my daughter one day they came to arrest me and took me from my home and detained me there for more than 9 hours.All this to just scare me so that I would back out from the situation in fear and leave the baby with them so that they could put her in an orphanage. And clean their daughters image and don’t lose their reputation in society”.

Through it all, Viraaz’s unwavering love for his daughter remained a beacon of strength. As he battled against societal prejudices and threats, his resolve remained unbroken, his determination resolute.

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