What Every Mom’s 2021 Wishlist Should Look Like

What is that one thing you would wish for your kids and your family in 2021? Here’s a list you are going to agree with

What is that one thing you would wish for your kids and your family in 2021? 

The things that top my list are – schools, playgrounds, clean air, parks bustling with happy children, playdates, birthday parties – and everything that would embrace their childhood. We wish for a life without masks and fear for our children. Yes, 2020 was a cosmically intense year. And I am sure 2021 will have its twists and turns, but it promises to bring inspiration and hope to all of us.

But why do we circle all the negativity around 2020? Why don't we talk about all that we learnt last year? I owe a lot of my sanity for 2020 to my kids. They wiped my tears when I was down and out, cheered me on when I lost faith in myself and added smiles, taught me how to live in the moment and stop worrying about the unknown.

So here's my list for 2021:

1. Take More Time For Yourself 

If there is one thing I missed in 2020, it was me-time. I want to reclaim that time and finish a book, tv show, all my goals at a time I slot to finish. 

2. Sleep 

Sleep tops my list because it is the key to being a happy mom. 

3. Shower On Time 

Do you feel like you have days where you shower for a few seconds or don't shower at all? Going to the bathroom is the biggest struggle after motherhood. A clean shower can change the way we feel about ourselves. Slot a time, and make sure you take all the time you need! 

4. Spend More Time With Your Partner

We often hear couples complaining about how kids take over their life. But giving your spouse equal importance is also something everyone must consider. Either eat one meal together, spend time after the kids are asleep, or slot Sundays for family time! 

5. Go On Dates

Date nights shouldn't sound ancient after having kids. Slot a day that you will never cancel and catch up with your spouse with drinks and a nice meal! A happy couple will always raise a happy family. 

6. Eat Like An Adult Human 

How many times have you finished your meal eating your child's leftovers? How many times have you broken your diet because you ate all the leftovers? Eat like humans and not mushy food. If you are happy, satisfied – you will feel much better about parenting! 

7. Learn More

Just because you are a parent, and older – doesn't mean you have to put a full stop to learning something new, sharpening your skills and learn how to pivot your business. We need to be the best role models for our children and if we want them to embrace learning – we need to show ourselves as lifelong learners. 

P.S If you are slotting time for yourself and want to learn new strategies for your business – don't forget to check out our Mom Boss Bundle on KSP Summer Fun Factory. 

8. Have Patience 

Don't feel guilty – most parents lack patience after kids. It is a virtue every parent needs to learn but it comes naturally to us over time. 

9. Have Less Screen-Time 

I often wake up on a Sunday morning and say, "I want to switch off my brain" and I watch endless hours of television. Shouldn't we time block screen, social media on our phone so we have enough time for everything else? 

10. Get Help 

Don't shy away from asking for help! It doesn't make you a bad mother. This will allow you to get some me-time, so you can raise a happy family! 

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