Books From My Childhood I Want My Child To Read

These childhood classics are something I definitely don’t want my kids to miss out on! I loved these stories and I’m sure they will too. Is it the same for you?
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To all the children out there and to the child in every adult, here’s wishing you a very Happy Children’s Day!

At Kidsstoppress we constantly share ideas on how to engage your kids mindfully indoors and the fun things to do with them. My favourite among all of them is the wonderful art of reading!

A habit that stays for life, that teaches you numerous skills, so adds one that acts as a differentiator in this highly competitive world. The one trait I am happy my child has learnt from me, is the love for reading, and what better time to be a reader than now?!

From audiobooks to e-books to the good ol’ hard copies, there are so many options out there for today’s bookworms and we ain’t complaining! At KSP Book Club, we help you sift through the gazillion options out there and curate the best books for your kids, suited to their age and their favourite categories.

We at Kidsstoppress have put together a list of the 5 best books that we have loved reading together, in our childhood, and ones that we want to re-read with our kids now! They find a permanent place in our bookshelves, and should, in yours too! Go ahead and access this list!

1. Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

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Childhood is more than just innocence and babbles. It is about the curiosity that drives their imagination. Peter Rabbit is an evergreen classic that talks about how curiosity helps one explore new and wonderful things in the world and how you need to do that, within limits too!

2. Little Women

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Today, I talk about Little Women- one of our favourites at Kidsstoppress and what it taught me in my growing-up years. There is something in it that makes you want to re-read the classic. Don’t you agree? Click here to read the values we learned from the book

3. Vardaan

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I talk about one of my favourites by the iconic Munshi Premchand and what that book has taught me in the process. I remember reading a lot of his collections s a part of our school literature as well as at home. My parents introduced me to the world of Gujarati and Marathi books too, and today I am doing the same with my girls. Click here if you want in on some of the regional books we loved for our kids.

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4. The Three Questions 

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Why this classic? Today as we stay confined to our houses, unable to step out and meet our friends and family, as kids watch their teachers on a 14-inch screen- there is a lot to crib and complain about. Or not! Teach your kids why it is important to rise above all of this and live life by imbibing the values of gratitude, empathy, and humility. Values that never go out of vogue! Do your young readers read enough short stories? Novels and series are great, but introduce them to the magical world of short stories by these literary giants. 

5. Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The main theme of the fable is expressed in the secret that the fox tells the little prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Isn’t this something you would want to teach your kids? To always follow their heart… This classic is a must-read!

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So, what are your favourite books from your childhood that you drew inspiration from? Talk to us in the comments below. Also, we have some fabulous reading lists (and more in the making!) that are curated by age and interests for your kids. And there’s a different theme every week! Join the KSP Book Club today!

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