App Magic By iRobokid- Basics Of Coding For Children

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Today’s generation of children is super smart and app-savvy! They learn to click stunning pics from smartphones right from the age of 2 or 3! So why wait to get them started on learning the basics of apps and how to design them? 

This summer watch your kids design and execute their own app at KSP Summer Fun Factory! 

On KSP Summer Fun Factory, we are joining hands with iRobokid for an exclusive App Magic Program- that will teach your kids the basics of coding in a comprehensive yet fun-learning way. 

What’s in the course: 

13 video modules with a total duration of 4 hours 

  • The programme is designed to give the students early exposure to designing their own apps, and writing a code for their own mobile app using the tools available and their own logic and understanding.
  • If you have never programmed before, this course is the best course to start learning coding through various apps designed for students.
  • The best part about this course- learn at your own convenience. No deadlines and no rush for your kids to finish the modules in one go.
  • One time sign up and lifelong access so you can revisit the courses anytime for reaffirmation and kids can learn at their own pace. 
  • Also, quality video content worth 4 hours is broken down into multiple short clips, topics wise so children can learn at their own pace and continue from where they left.

Go ahead, and scroll down to sign up for this exclusive course on KSP Summer Fun Factory, Your kids will no longer feel bored, this summer! 

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