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Summer is the perfect time for your kids to learn a new language!

Why? ‘Coz their active minds need fodder to remain engaged and entertained when it is soaring outside. Plus, this way, they will spend their time knowing and learning something useful. Don’t believe me?

Rajvi Shah, a French teacher and mentor has written an article on Kidsstoppress on why your kids should learn a foreign language.

Rajvi Shah has also curated a video workshop for your li’l enthusiasts to help them understand the basics of the French language. Learn at your own pace. Merci!

About the educator:

Rajvi Shah has a more than decade-long experience teaching and mentoring French. She has worked with students, the top 5 schools and colleges in Mumbai, and multilingual corporates. Her journey of exploring French has imbibed in her a strong appreciation for the arts, people and cultures apart from having an overall progressive outlook towards life. Being a doting mother to a 9-year-old has helped her strike the perfect balance of patience, empathy, compassion, ambiversion and discernment.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Learning To Speak French

  • Enhance Your
  • Travel Experiences
  • Use French As A Starting
  • Point For Other Languages
  • A Gateway To Culture
  • Increase Your Education
  • Opportunities
  • Improve Your Career
  • Options

Why French?

  • Spoken By Over 220 Million People
  • Official Language In 56 Countries
  • 30% Of the English Language Is French
  • Enjoy French Culture With Firsthand Experience 

So go ahead and access this course- with small videos to teach each section that is:

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Fruits & Vegetables

Access the course and get your kids to learn at their own pace. No hurry, no deadlines. At just Rs.499, this is the perfect intro to the world of French for your kids. Who’s ready?