Facts About The Indian National Flag All Kids Should Know

Would you ever think that the Indian Flag looked different earlier? No – right? Listen to the entire podcast and on I’m not bored and these fun facts are going to fascinate them!

Raising patriotic children is a duty every parent owes to the nation and this begins with respecting the flag. But how much do our kids know about their flag?

Do they know why it is important for us to have a flag? Do they only respect the flag on Independence Day and Republic Day?

These questions will make you stop and wonder.

Patriotism is all about love, loyalty, and respect towards one’s motherland. Ideally, a sense of patriotism should be instilled right at a young age it goes a long way in raising responsible citizens of tomorrow. Reading patriotic books and watching patriotic movies are some of the most effective ways of instilling this into them.

This way, when the kids grow up, they understand the value of their nation and remain driven towards doing more good for the same.

So how do we do that?

Today, in this podcast we speak about the Indian flag, and it’s evolution. Don’t forget to listen to the entire episode. Check out our Tricolour food recipes for patriotic meals this Republic Day.

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