I Was Told To Be Happy During Pregnancy But I Cried Everyday | Pooja Jhaveri

She worked throughout her pregnancy even while she was hospitalized. Post pregnancy, she was back to work within 40 days.

Pooja Jhaveri shares an inspiring story of a working mom powering through life’s obstacles. She reveals how she cried nearly every day over whether or not her preschool would re-open during the pandemic. She worked throughout her pregnancy even while she was hospitalized. Post pregnancy, she was back to work within 40 days. Such is her dedication to her work.

Pooja reveals how working as a new mom would never have been possible without the help and support of her teachers and her family. Truly a passionate worker and a loving mom Pooja’s story inspires us all.

Pooja- And How She Did It: Her Story.

Playing with and taking care of all her cousins, Pooja was great with kids and loved being around them. It was at a very young age that she realized she wanted to do involving kids for a living.

That wish culminated into a successful Pre-school that she is immensely proud of. Eager to share her zest for life with one of her own, she was ever ready to raise and take care of her son.
But it couldn’t come at a weirder time.

The pandemic hit, her school was closed and Pooja was alone at home. As a student of child psychology she knew it was important to be happy when you’re pregnant because you pass down your feelings and it affects the baby. Although excited for her baby, she couldn’t help but cry, worrying about if she would have to shut down her school.

Even when everyone around her started going to work again, Pooja stayed back alone at home wondering what would come next. She didn’t lose hope however as she worked throughout her pregnancy. When it was close to delivery and Pooja was hospitalised, she still took work calls as they ran tests on her.

Her son is now 1 year 4 months and she’s incredibly happy about becoming a mom. Being a working mom, there were a few setbacks along the way. Missing her son’s first crawl and not knowing what he had eaten that one time made her mom guilt seep in.

“Sometimes I do feel bad but eventually a happy mother will make a happy child”

She shared the difficulties of being a working mom and that its next to impossible to do it without a strong support system. Her mother-in-law took care of the baby, when her husband came home earlier he would handle the dinner, etc. Knowing that her child is in good safe hands when she’s not around, is what allowed her to step outside.

People told her to come to resume work only after 6 months but Pooja started working within 40 days.

After he turned one, Pooja was lucky enough to be able to bring her son around to the playschool because her work is such. While there are those who pass comments like “Why do you need to work” “You’re so lucky your husband allows you to work”, she simply ignores them and carries on. Pooja is immensely proud of being a working mom, just as she should be.

“If he sees that in his mother he will see that in his wife 20 years later and his wife is going to thank me for this.”

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